Caring for puppies, kittens and adults:

The coat of the pumi is basically not shedding curly or wavy forming tufts and is never smooth and never stringy or unkempt. It is on average 4-7 cm long, arranged in small to large, thinning tufts, flexible, shaggy and dense. It is composed of strong, but not coarse, spiky hairs and soft under-hairs. The ears have a thick, folded, spiny crown hair. Hand trimming or trimming is the desirable form of coat preparation. Trimming of the head and limbs with scissors is possible. Shearing of the entire coat is not desirable.

The puppy pumi is carefully cleaned from birth by its mother, who licks and cleans its shiny, wavy coat carefully.At 12-14 days of age, their eyes, which are already open, are wiped daily with warm water and cotton wool if necessary.

Their growing coat is checked after feedings and outdoor play, if necessary wiped with a damp and then dry cloth, and detangled with a metal tooth comb and brush.

-From 6 to 8 weeks of age, depending on the length of their coat, the hair at the anus is cut short to keep it clean.

As soon as the puppy moves to a new family, I recommend to the owners to do a thorough combing of the coat once a week, which is not the same as checking the dog after coming home from the playground, if there are any grass, thorns, gravel between the paws etc. but a thorough dismantling, brushing the coat, because this will prevent the felting and last but not least we will have a well groomed dog. He will get used to the combing and will be more relaxed at the groomer's, he will not be in a stressful situation.

If you comb your dog on a table (which is more comfortable), make sure that

-stable, not wobbly

-not slippery on the surface

-preferably rubber or wood (which is not slippery)

TIP: -not too long, just a few minutes

- be patient,

- never let him jump off, when he is done we take him off.

-then you can go for a little reward bite at the end (but if he was really well behaved)

-do not reward jumping, whining, running away (but fortunately this is rare)

Regularly check that there is not too much hair in the ear canal, which prevents the ear from ventilating, otherwise it can easily lead to fungal or mite infections. Gently pull out the flakes in the ear canal.

- At the age of 4 months, it is advisable to schedule the first cosmetic treatment to trim the fluffy ends of the hair, to shape them a little and to get your dog used to the cosmetic and the scissors.

Never let a clipper trim the bum!!!!

As adults, we visit our favourite groomer every 3-4 months (with 1 brushing once a week) (unless there is a dog show in between, of course, only 1 small adjustment is needed) and we trim our cougars to a longer or shorter style according to the season.

Tools needed for grooming:

Demolition 2-sided flexible comb:

Flexible brush head

For long hair

Using high quality materials such as stainless steel

The TAKE CARE detangling brush gently removes tangles and dead hairs.

The slight curvature of the bristles allows for thorough cleaning of the hair without pulling out healthy hairs. The flexible brush head also allows combing of hard-to-reach areas. The ergonomically designed handle with the right texture provides an optimal grip. The movable "flex zone" allows for excessive pressure and provides even more comfort for gentle grooming. The integrated eyelet in the handle allows hanging storage.


Ideally, start grooming on the animal's hind legs and back, and systematically work forward in the direction of coat growth. Use the side with the curved bristles first, then work with the side with the straight bristles. Repeat the process until the brush glides effortlessly over the pet's coat. Regular grooming prevents tangles and reduces uncontrolled shedding of your pet's coat.

Dismantling knife

A hair removal tool to be used to remove hair clumps in the hair and undercoat

Using high quality materials such as stainless steel

Suitable for long-haired dogs and cats

A hair removal tool for the painless removal of hair clumps in the coat.

The structure of the hair of long-haired animals can lead to the formation of knots and rapid clumping of the hair. To avoid unnecessary pain, use a handy hair remover at the start of grooming. The serrated stainless steel blade gently glides through the hairs and untangles knots and tangles. The razor-sharp blade side painlessly loosens hair tangles. This simplifies further grooming of the hair. The ergonomically designed handle with the right structure provides an optimal grip. The eyelet integrated in the handle allows hanging storage.

Use: Gently pull the tool along the tangled part of the hair in the direction of growth.

Warning: risk of injury if used incorrectly! This is not a comb for daily grooming