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Pumi puppies   for sale

Dear Interested, Dear Prospective Owner !

If you've decided that you want a Pumi puppy, it's an exciting challenge and you're in the best place to do it , but first there are a few things to do...

How to buy a small Pumi?

    -Contact me at the contact details provided, you can write an email or messenger whichever is more convenient, where you can write me: about yourself, your family, your life, your hobbies, a small introduction, an idea of the puppy and a phone number where I can contact you for further arrangements (I do not want to be personal and "rummage" in your life, it is important for me to find the most suitable type and characteristics of puppy for you)

-If you have the opportunity to make an appointment I usually offer you to come and see us, have a chat, walk for half an hour or an hour, see how and where our dogs live, see how I pump, meet me, to really see what a puppy is like in real life.

-I will take an appointment which is free ,price and contract will be negotiated.

-I inform the prospective owners about the birth of the puppies, I prepare 1 common litter group where I send photos and videos of the puppies where I tell them about the puppies, already distinguished by a colour collar :what habits each of the puppies have, how they eat, what they play, how they are raised and what socialization steps they take, everything.

Around -2 weeks of age the deposit is paid.

-At 6 weeks, the 1st vaccination in their lives, we visit the doctor for the first time where they are given the vaccination for their age, a chip is implanted, their names are registered and DNA samples are taken, primarily to verify that the parents are registered dogs.

-A few days after the first vaccination we have a family day when all families can come and see their chosen one.

-After the 2nd vaccination at the age of 8-9 weeks (within Hungary) the puppies can move to their new family after paying the agreed price, they will receive a travel voucher, puppy food that they have eaten with us, vaccination book, contract as agreed (hobby, breeding intention, health guarantee, etc.), a few small toys, gifts, surprise package.

-I would also like to keep in touch throughout the puppy's life, because I would like to be available to help the owner at any stage of the dog's life, be it puppy or old dog.

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