The Pumi


 FÉDÉRATION CYNOLOGIQUE INTERNATIONALE Secrétariat Général : 13, Place Albert I - B - 6530 THUIN FCI - Standard No 56 / 13.09.2000 / D

ORIGIN: Hungary



Shepherd Terrier. Excellent for herding larger animals. Good sniffer. Very good at killing wild game and rodents. Also excellent as a guard dog and as a signalling dog. He is also well suited to luxury housing. High exercise, excellent companion and sporting dog.


Breed Group I: Guard and herding dogs; Sheepdogs and herding dogs (except Swiss Shepherds) Section 1 Sheepdogs. Breed not subject to working test.


A medium sized, very lively tempered, terrier type shepherd dog with a buffoonish appearance. The terrier character is most marked in the head, which is elongated in the cheeks and erect in the ears, the upper third of which is protruding forward. The trunk and limbs are square in shape at the sides. The neck is higher than medium, with a constantly alert posture. The coat is medium long, curly or wavy and in tufts. It comes in several colours but should always be uniform.


Trunk length equals height at withers. Chest depth is slightly less than half the height at the withers. The length of the muzzle is slightly less than half the length of the head. The length of the neck is equal to the length of the head and is 45 % of the height at withers.


Head: Elongated, relatively narrow. Its shape is marked by the elongated cheekbones.

Skull: The top of the head is moderately broad and convex. Forehead long, less convex, flattened from side to side. Eye arches moderately developed.

Stop: Stop line barely perceptible. The plane of the forehead continues in an almost straight line between the eye-arches to the bridge of the nose.


Nose: Narrow, straight incised, black in all colour varieties.

Muzzle: The bridge of the nose is straight. The nasal part is elongated and tapering, but not pointed.

Lips: Close fitting to the dentition, dark pigmented.

Jaw/Dental: Jaw strong. Teeth are regular, scissor-shaped, complete. Teeth well developed, strong, white.

Cheek: Well muscled.

Eyes: Of medium size, oval in shape, slightly oblique incised, lively, intelligent expression, dark brown in colour, moderately spaced. The eyelids are tightly closed, well pigmented.


Highly fired, erect. The tip of the ears in the upper third of the ear is distinctly forward and slightly sideways crooked. Medium sized, proportionate, inverted V-shaped. Ear movements are lively.


Medium length, slightly curved, well muscled; higher than medium set on, closing 55 degrees to the horizontal. Skin of neck tight, dry, wrinkle-free.


BODY: Length of trunk equal to height at withers - square in shape. Bone structure fine and lean. Muscles well developed, not bulky, particularly firm and hardy. It is a very lean breed, with a proportionate and harmonious appearance.

Topline: Straight.

Back line: Definitely prominent, long and sloping backwards. Back: Short, straight and firm.

Groin area: Short, firmly attached and also straight. Tail: Short, slightly tapered, moderately broad.

Chest: Nose level, not convex, not broad, rather deep. Rib not bulging, rather flat. Chest deep and long, extending to elbow level when well arched.

Abdomen: Tight, tucked up towards the back.

Stomach line: Very pronounced forechest.


Highly set on, starting firmly upwards and tapering to a circular shape set square over the rump. Tail crown hairs 7-12 cm long, spiny in character, dense, folded, with few underfur. Short tail and tail truncation not allowed.


FORELIMS: Forelimbs support the trunk vertically from the plane of the snout. The two limbs are columnar, parallel and not too broad.

Shoulder: The shoulder blade is long and steep. Inclination 55 degrees to the horizontal. The shoulder bones do not protrude from the plane of the snout.

Upper arm: Short, well muscled. The angle between the shoulder blade and the humerus is between 100 and 110 degrees.

Arms: Close-fitting to the body. Forearm: Long, slender.

Fore pastern: Steep.

Fore paws: Closely closed, arched - cat's paws. The sole is flexible. Claws strong, black or slate grey.

Hind limbs: Hind limbs very strong. When viewed from the side, they are slightly set back. When viewed from behind, the limbs are parallel, straight, not too narrow and not too wide.

Thigh: Muscular and long, slightly set back.

Knees: In line with the elbows of the forelimbs.

Legs: Muscular; long.

Hocks: The hocks are lean and sharply defined. The carpal joint makes an angle of 45 degrees with the horizontal.

Hindfoot: Short, steep, sharp.

Hind paws: Same as forelegs. Bastard toes are undesirable, should be removed.


Very lively and spirited in all gaits. His stride is short, with high energy, his movement is "bouncy", dynamic. He walks briskly and proudly. His stride is light and harmonious; his hind limbs follow exactly in the footsteps of his chest.


SKIN: Wrinkle-free, firm, highly pigmented. The exposed skin is slate grey to black.

FUR: The coat is curly or wavy, never smooth and never stringy and never knotted. On average 4-7 cm long, arranged in small to large, thinning tufts, elastic, shaggy and dense. It is composed of strong, but not coarse, spiky hairs and soft under-hairs. The ears have a thick, folded, spiny crown hair. The eye and the cheek-cornea are freely visible. Manual trimming is a desirable form of coat preparation. Trimming of the head and limbs with scissors is possible. Trimming of the entire coat is not desirable.


Black ,White

Various shades of grey (usually black at birth, fading with age)

Pale, primary colours: red, yellow, cream (shades of black or grey and a pronounced mask are desirable) White A white patch on the chest less than 3 cm in diameter is allowed. Coat colour is covered, uniform


Marrow height: Heads: 41-47 cm, ideal height: 43-45 cm. Bitches: 38-44 cm, ideal size: 40-42 cm. Body weight: males: 10-15 kg, ideal weight: 12-13 kg. Bitches: 8-13 kg, ideal weight: 10-11 kg.


A dog with an imperturbable temperament, with a great desire to work and a very lively herding temperament. Recklessly brave, distrustful of strangers. Intelligent, lively, opinionated and opinionated, with a pushy nature, he always attracts attention wherever he goes. Quite a noisy breed. His whole appearance conveys a readiness for action and a powerful temperament. His stance, his attentive posture, always shows an active posture. Shyness or phlegmatic behaviour - a trait which is not characteristic of the breed.


Any deviation from the foregoing points is to be considered a fault, the degree of fault being in exact proportion to the degree of deviation.


Round, Pulse-shaped head. Head shorter than 40 % of the cheekbone. Strong, pronounced stop. One or more incisor, canine, absence of premolar 2-4 and molar 1-2; absence of more than two P1. M3 teeth not counted. Forward and backward bite, crossbite. Ears erect, hanging from the base or half erect. Chocolate or mottled coat and any continuous, highly distinct patches (e.g. tansy markings). Short, smooth coat. Long, heavily felted or open hairs without structure. Size other than that specified in the standard.

Note: Boars must have two testicles which are visually normally developed and located entirely within the scrotum.

Source: Hungarian Pumi Club